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What Is The Right Shade of White?

The question "What is the right shade of white for my teeth?" has been asked time and time again. Technically there is no "right" shade of white; however, a good rule of thumb is to try to achieve a shade of white that matches the whites of your eyes. It really all depends on how white you want your teeth to be. Some people want their teeth to be a soft, natural shade of white, while others want that striking Hollywood white.

An initial whitening consultation with your dentist is the perfect time to discuss what shade you'd like to achieve and to talk about how to get it. The level of whitening your teeth can obtain will vary based on several factors such as the existing shade of the teeth, genetics, diet, etc. Plus each person has a point where they won't whiten any further, meaning that it's impossible for everyone's teeth reach the same shade of whiteness—regardless of the whitening material used. And each person will whiten at a different rate: some will whiten faster than others, while others may take extended time. 1

Once you and your dentist have determined your starting shade and your desired end shade, your dentist can help you choose a professional whitening treatment that best fits your needs and lifestyle. No matter which professional whitening treatment you choose (in-office, custom take-home, or on-the-go prefilled trays) you can achieve the dazzling white smile perfect for you!

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