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Is Your Whitening Gel Sticky?

Since its creation in 1991, Opalescence has been recognized for the patented sticky, viscous consistency of its gel. This unique consistency is one of its most important features because it serves a very important purpose: it allows the gel to stay in the tray where it's placed, preventing it from running onto your soft tissues where it could cause irritation. Your dentist can create custom trays with enough space for the gel to reside within the tray without being squished out onto the soft tissues. This allows it to keep in contact with the teeth throughout the entire treatment. Having a sticky, viscous gel also helps keep the tray securely in place, so it doesn't move around in your mouth.

When whitening gels are too runny, you may experience irritation on your gums from the gel pressing out of the tray. This discomfort might make you want to stop using the product, which would not give you the bright, white smile you'd like.

Opalescence will give you the results you're looking for. Its sticky, viscous consistency ensures the gel won't leach out of the tray or evaporate, keeping it in place and making cleanup easy.