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Whiten for a Cleaner Smile

You already know that whitening your smile can give you the youthful, confident, bright smile you've always wanted. But did you know whitening can also provide you with a cleaner and healthier smile too?

Teeth whitening products that contain peroxide (hydrogen peroxide and/or carbamide peroxide) have antibacterial properties. In fact peroxides started out as oral cleansers, and only later was the teeth whitening side effect discovered. Studies have shown that these whitening products can help improve oral health by elevating the pH of the mouth, killing cavity-causing bacteria and removing plaque. This has proven to be beneficial for all patients, but more so for elderly patients and orthodontic patients who might have additional challenges keeping up their oral health. 1,2

Talk to your dentist about whitening your teeth today and get a healthy, bright smile!

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