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Keep Whitening Professional!

The reason: Only then is it ensured that these treatments are performed properly:
  • professional dental cleaning to start, because the teeth and not the plaque are to be whitened
  • thorough examination of the mouth and teeth, only then are the causes for discoloration apparent
  • patient counseling on the selection of "their" best whitening method, appropriate to the dental discoloration,but also the individual lifestyle
  • professional explanation of the application and the procedure in order to achieve the optimal result
  • regular monitoring and patient counseling to promptly clarify any questions and problems arising

all these aspects constitute the task of the dentist and his/her team. As a patient, you shouldn't settle for anything less.

Because your teeth don't regrow and once damage occurs it is often at the expense of valuable tooth substance. This may be the result of problematic products, but also unprofessional treatment. So it is good that the dentist, as a competent professional, monitors the entire process to ensure the best possible outcome.